25 Feb 20


Clerk to the Parish – Clare Winter

64 Greenway Road, Taunton TA2 6LE

Tel: 01823 972529 Email: clerk@broomfieldparish.org


Public Session

A member of the public asked if there is a reason why there isn’t a speed limit in the village.

The Minutes

Minutes of a Parish Council Meeting of Broomfield Parish Council held at The Village Hall, Broomfield on Tuesday, 25th February 2020 when the following business was conducted.

Present: Councillors Paul Trolley (Chairman), Richard Coate, Alicia Aras, Stephen Hughes and Stephen Tierney

In Attendance: Clare Winter (Clerk), District Councillor Alan Bradford and 3 members of the public

  1. Apologies for absence

County Councillor Bill Revans

  1. Declaration of members’ interests:


  1. Public comments on agenda items:


  1. Approval of Minutes:

The minutes from the meeting on 19th November 2019 had been previously circulated and were approved and signed by the Chairman with two amendments.

  1. Matters arising from the Minutes:


  1. VE Day Celebration

It was proposed that Broomfield will look to celebrate VE Day by Ringing Out for Peace on Friday, 8th May at 1900 and Toasting the Heroes of WW2 after the plant sale on Saturday, 9th May Been told that there will be a VE Day Celebration on the 8th May.

It was proposed that the Parish Council make a donation towards the cost of a drink to toast with.  It was unanimously passed by all that £100 budget would be available for this.

  1. Parish Roads

Highways have been contacted by telephone regarding Rooks Castle Flood.  Highways have jetted again and it has failed.  There might be a collapsed pipe.  Nothing further can be done at the moment but further works would likely take place in the Summer.

The general issue with the parish roads has been highlighted with Highways and all we can do is keep advising them until something can be done.

Pathways – Councillor Aras will contact Sedgemoor about a blocked footpath on Broomfield Common.

  1. Broomfield Common

AONB have their grants due to start in the spring.  Applications have now closed for the job of managing the lottery grant.  They are hoping to make a decision by the end of March and works will start thereafter.  The part of the application that involves Broomfield Common will go ahead.  The first involvement will be to obtain quotes from contractors to do the initial works.

  1. Broadband

Gigaclear were the contractors for Connecting Devon and Somerset but are no longer due to falling behind with works.  Connecting Devon and Somerset are looking for a new contractor but there is no idea of a timeframe. They are not forthcoming in speaking to anyone at the moment.  We are continuing to press them on this as much as we can.

There are two options:

    • You can apply for a business broadband connection.
    • You can apply for the voucher system (if you are below a certain speed you can apply for vouchers.) It is £500 per household.  Only beneficial if you have a mast within line of sight.

The government have instructed the mobile phone providers that they have to provide masts to serve the emergency services in rural areas – there is uncertainty of where these masts will be.  The government is funding this.  Connecting Devon and Somerset have not commented on the idea of using these masts for broadband connectivity.

None of the councillors object to having a mast but it needs to be in the right area within the community.

  1. Tree Grants

It was agreed that we will look into this further.  Clerk to circulate Tree Scheme email to councillors again.

  1. JAC (Joint Area Committee) Update

Councillor Aras attended a meeting and one of the schemes that was talked about was the Nature and Wellbeing Scheme that is bringing people into nature.  Hopefully there will be funding again as this was well thought of in the communities.

The heritage funding grant is being spread across 20 sites and the funding for Broomfield is minimal.

The work on Broomfield Common – the majority of the cost will be in the first two years with the opening up and clearing of the area.  The future costs will be to keep growth under control.

We need to look for volunteers from the parish to work alongside the contractors.

ELMS – will replace single farm payments and there is absolutely no doubt that the scheme will be 99% environmental bias.  It is a scheme to enhance the environment and not a scheme to manage farmland.

  1. 2020/21 Meeting Dates

The Chairman proposed the following dates for 2020/21 meetings:

Tuesday, 14th April (Annual Parish Meeting 19:30)

Tuesday, 5th May (AGM 18:00)

Tuesday, 2nd June

Tuesday, 8th September

Tuesday, 17th November

Tuesday, 23rd February

  1. Planning Applications Since Last Meeting

10/19/00007/LE – Land at (2), 4 Globe Cottages, Merridge, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA5 1BA

Variation of Condition 4 of Planning Permissions 10/13/00005 (Change of use, conversion and extension of building to form holiday let) to allow for the building to be used as a holiday let or ancillary accommodation.

Support for the application was unanimously agreed.

  1. Finance

14.1 Bank Reconciliation

See Appendix 1.

14.2 Change of Business Address

It was agreed that the Business Address was changed to the Clerk’s address and the relevant bank document was signed by two signatories.

14.3 Branches

It was proposed that the cost of trimming back branches on the common is covered by the Parish Council.  This was unanimously passed.

  1. Urgent Matters to Report
    • 20th March – 13th April – Great British Spring Clean. The Chair has bags, litter pickers and some fluorescent jackets.  It is hoped that by wearing a fluorescent jacket might make people notice litter being picked up and might deter people to not do it in the first place.
    • Concerns of drug use and unsociable behaviour – Clerk to get in touch with PCSO in the area.
    • Fyne Court Events
  1. Items for Next Meeting
    • Speed limit in village.
  1. Date of Next Meeting

(Annual Parish Meeting – Tuesday, 14th April at 19:30)

Parish AGM – Tuesday, 5th May at 18:00

The meeting was closed at 21:20.


Appendix 1

Broomfield Parish Council
Statement of Income and Expenses Year to 25/02/20
Brought Forward £ 7,184.78
Precept  £ 3,000.00
Grant  £               –
Interest  £         3.35
Community Infrastructure Levy  £               –
Car park receipts  £               –
 £ 3,003.35
Wages  £ 1,074.70
Subscriptions  £      61.80
Insurance  £    262.24
Grants  £    635.00
Grass Cutting  £    252.00
Admin Costs  £    215.00
Rent  £               –
Project Costs  £               –
 £ 2,500.74
Balance  £ 7,687.39
Represented by:
Business Instant Access  £ 6,617.99
Treasurer’s Account  £ 1,069.40
Balance £7,687.39


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