23 Feb 2016

Minutes of a Meeting of Broomfield Parish Council

held on Tuesday 23rd  February 2016, 7.30 pm, Broomfield Village Hall

Present: Cllr Duncan Henderson (Chairman), Cllr Jan Johnston, Cllr Robert Sharpe, Cllr Carol Pearson, Cllr Michael Kingscote, District Cllr Anne Fraser, District Cllr Bill Revans, Peter Hall (Clerk), David Hennell (Satellite Internet), 3 Members of the Public.

1)      Apologies for absence:


2)      Declaration of members’ interests:

Cllr Kingscote declared a personal interest in item 14 – Planning application at Lydeard Farm Barn.

3)      Public comments on agenda items:


4)       Approval of Minutes:

The minutes from the meeting on 24th November 2015 had been previously circulated and were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

5)      Matters arising from the Minutes:

·         Cheque signatories – the Clerk had obtained the necessary forms and would send them to the bank once the necessary signatures had been obtained after the meeting.

·         Cllr Kingscote reported that there was no sign of a camera in a tree opposite Bolts.

·         Cllr Kingscote confirmed he was not interested in becoming a Parish representative on the Quantock Hills JAC.

6)      Improvement of Broadband Speed in Broomfield

The Chairman reported that Broomfield had been chosen as a pilot location for superfast broadband and introduced David Hennell from Satellite Internet. David made the following points

·         The pilot area had been extended beyond Broomfield and now included 155 properties in 17 postcode areas.

·         Installation had commenced at 23 properties, 17 by direct satellite and 6 by wireless from a headend located at Rooks Castle Barn. There was limited time for new interest (including the Village Hall – Cllr Pearson agreed to check with the VH committee).

·         Co-operation from all parties had been very good, enabling an extremely fast roll-out.

·         Any new interested parties after this month within the pilot area could still sign up for a 12 month contract but would pay approx. £100 for the installation. The pricing would apply for 7 years.

The Chairman stated he was keen to put out a press release and would liaise with David and the Sedgemoor press officer.

7)      Traffic Speed on Parish Lanes:

Following the last meeting no feedback had been received from Michele Cusack regarding deployment of a Speed Indicator Device and the Clerk agreed to chase. The Clerk would also contact Chris Edwards at the AONB service regarding signs at the entrances to the AONB. The Chairman had attempted to contact Dave Gardiner, the agricultural contractor in the area with no success. He would also follow up the discussion with Richard Brown.

The Chairman stated there had been two accidents recently near his house, one involving a horse. The traffic survey had seen 500 vehicle movements in one 24 hour period in November along the main road into the village by the kennels.

Cllr Fraser reported that she had contacted the Chair of the Young Farmers, but had had no feedback following a YF meeting. She suggested the EDF Transport Forum could be a useful meeting and she would provide the next meeting date.

A member of the public raised the issue of dangerous holes at the sides of the roads and suggested local people could fill them in. There followed a discussion about responsibilities and ownership of the road and verges. The Clerk agreed to clarify this with the Highways Authority.

8)       RLT2 Play Area Funds:

The Chairman reported that Steve Sudworth was leaving the National Trust. He would take up the issue of the unused funds at the next Cluster meeting to be held in Broomfield.

9)      Broomfield Common – dangerous trees:

The Chairman noted that several trees had come down on the road in the recent storms and that the Common was in an untidy and potentially dangerous state. The Clerk brought the meeting’s attention to the Policy of non-intervention which the PC had agreed in 2012. There was some discussion about Commoners rights. The Clerk agreed to circulate a link to the policy which is on the Parish website.

10)  Flooding on Rose Hill:

This issue had been referred to the PC by Highways. Water is draining off a field on to the road resulting in dangers due to ice. The Chairman stated he was on the case but had yet to identify the owner of the field in question. Cllr Fraser suggested contacting Ben Thorne at SCC regarding advice on management of the land.

Cllr Pearson reported that the Rooks Castle road was again flooding near the Parish boundary and her husband had again had to try and clear it.

11)  Fingerpost Maintenance:

Following an article on the BBC website the Clerk had confirmed that Somerset CC were no longer allocating resources to the maintenance of fingerposts. The AONB service had recently been cleaning some posts, but future work may have to be funded by the Parish. This was not a big issue at present as many fingerposts in the AONB had been refurbished relatively recently.

12)  HM Queen’s 90th Birthday celebrations:

These are due to take place on 12th June and Cllr Kingscote offered to organise a party at the Village Hall, provided he had help from a small committee. He had drafted an email which the PC agreed to send out. Cllr Pearson agreed to check on Hall availability and whether it would be on a FoC basis.

13)  Clean for the Queen campaign:

Cllr Johnston had been in contact with Sedgemoor DC who were providing litter picking equipment. A call for volunteers had been put on the website and in Link-up. She would be available at 9am each day on March 4/5/6 to hand out bags, pickers etc.

14)  Planning Applications:

·         10/15/00008 Conversion of barn at Wood’s Farm – permission granted by SDC

·         10/15/00010 Front porch and extension at 2 Mullins Pond Cottages – permission granted by SDC.

·         10/16/00001 Erection of agricultural building north-west of Globe Cottages – permitted development.

·         10/16/00002 Change of use of upper floor of Lydeard Farm Barn – under consideration by SDC.

The Clerk had received no objections from any members of the PC on these applications.

15)  Finance:

·         The following payments were approved

o   E.G. White – Grass cutting on Commons £144

o   SALC – Councillor training £40

o   E.P. Hall – Website domain registration and mapping £15

o   Village Hall hire – £84

·         It was agreed to again appoint Mrs. Mansfield as Internal Auditor.

·         The Clerk again brought the attention of the Council to the fact that the budget includes £2900 for which projects need to be identified.

16)  Bridleways:

The Chairman had received an email from Ann Finn asking for written support from the PC for funding for a ‘dedicated bridleway’ between Pines Café and Cothelstone Hill. The landowner had agreed that it would be covered by his third party insurance. It was unclear what the legal status of this bridleway was (i.e. permissive or on the definitive map). The Clerk had requested clarification from the SCC Rights of Way manager, Peter Hobley but had received no response. He would follow up.

17)  Village Hall report:

Nothing to report.

18)  Cluster Report:

The next meeting of the Cluster will be on 31st May at Broomfield Village Hall. The Chairman would be attending.

19)  Urgent Matters to Report:


20)  Public Forum:

Nothing raised.

21)  Items for Next meeting:


22)  Date of Next Meeting:

Tuesday 17th May 2016 (Annual meeting and Annual Parish meeting).