21 Nov 17

Minutes of a Meeting of Broomfield Parish Council
held on Tuesday 21st November 2017, 7.30 pm, Broomfield Village Hall

Present: Cllr Duncan Henderson (Chairman), Cllr Rebecca MacDonagh, Cllr Paul Trolley, District Cllr Anne Fraser, County Cllr Bill Revans, Peter Hall (Clerk), 3 members of the public.

1) Apologies for absence:
Cllr John Ogle. It was noted that Cllr Jamie Bachelor had resigned from the Council due to work commitments. The Clerk reported that the statutory vacancy notice had been placed on the noticeboard and website.

2) Declaration of members’ interests:

3) Public comments on agenda items:

4) Approval of Minutes:
The minutes from the meeting on 19th September had been previously circulated and were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

5) Matters arising from the Minutes:
• Cllr MacDonagh is in touch with the provider of a community health check event in Broomfield and looking at a weekend date in Jan/Feb perhaps combined with a coffee morning.
• The Chairman had heard from Nigel Garnsworthy (National Trust) that the proposed use of the RLT2 Play Area funds was not acceptable to Sedgemoor DC. The Chairman agreed to forward the email to District Cllr Fraser who would follow up with SDC.
• The Clerk had submitted the forms necessary to change the bank account signatories but the bank had not recognised Cllr Henderson’s signature. He now needs to visit the local branch.
• The Clerk had submitted the Council’s comments on the West Monkton and Cheddon Fitzpaine Neighbourhood Development Plan.#
• It was reported that the contractor carrying out grass cutting on Broomfield Common was having difficulty accessing the paths due to tree growth. It was agreed that he could cut back branches in order to allow access.

6) Licence to Work on Broomfield Common:
Barrie Harding of 121 Turnaround was in attendance and stated that the draft agreement was with Iain Porter of the AONB Service for amendment prior to signature. He stated that the Common was being used about twice a week. Cllr Trolley expressed concern that the Parish Councillors were exposed should an accident occur prior to signature of the agreement. Mr. Harding stated that he had to write comprehensive risk assessments which would provide sufficient indemnity. He agreed to check with his insurers that his company can be active on land prior to obtaining formal permission and revert to the Chairman.

The Clerk agreed to check the status with Iain Porter and make it clear that BPC, SDC and SCC would need to sign the agreement as the Common was under the protection of all three Councils.

7) Highways Maintenance:
Cllr Trolley reported that Somerset Highways’ contractor had completed the work on filling in the ruts in the verges of the road between Volis Hill and Mullins Pond and was satisfied with the results. The Committee congratulated Cllr Trolley for his efforts.

8) Access to Broomfield Hill Common:
The Chairman reported he had spoken to the farmer would admitted removing the padlock. He (the farmer) had now replaced it with the previous missing lock and the Clerk had found the spare key.

9) Planning Applications since last meeting:
10/7/00006 Erection of two storey extension to Old Post Office. Permission had been refused by SDC on the grounds of adverse impact on the adjoining dwelling and visual intrusion. The applicant had submitted an appeal.

10) Finance:
– The Clerk distributed a draft budget for 2018/19 on the basis of keeping the precept at £2950. This was approved.
– The Clerk explained the new Community Infrastructure Levy and Broomfield had received a ‘meaningful proportion’ amounting to £1777.64 as a result of development in the Parish in the last six months. This would need to be accounted for separately and could only be used for ‘infrastructure’ within five years.
– The Clerk reported that the 2016/17 External Audit report had been returned with minor comments.
– The Clerk also reported that new audit arrangements were in place for 2017/18 and that Broomfield had the opportunity to declare itself an ‘exempt authority’ by virtue of its income and expenditure both being less that £25k. However the PC would still need to fully complete and publish an annual return. It was agreed that Broomfield PC should declare itself exempt when the opportunity arose.

11) Harvest Supper:
The Chairman reported that the Harvest Supper had been a big success and the risk of exceeding the 70 allowed to be seated had been averted by allowing 19 children to sit under the veranda outside. There had been a surplus of £100 which would be carried forward to the next parish event.

12) Thai Night:
The Chairman reported that he had arranged a Thai food night on 19th January as a parish event.

13) Village Hall:
The Chairman reported that Alison Bachelor had resigned from the Village Hall Committee. Remedial work was required on the electrical installation following recent testing.

14) Urgent Matters to Report:
Cllr Trolley agreed to attend the next SW Cluster meeting on behalf of the Council.
Councillors agreed t hold an informal meeting to discuss ideas for using PC surplus funds and would report back at the next meeting.

15) Public Forum:
Nothing raised.

16) Items for Next meeting:
As per actions above.

17) Date of Next Meeting:
Tuesday 27th February 2018.
The Clerk would circulate proposed dates for the rest of the year.