19 Nov 19

Minutes of a Meeting of Broomfield Parish Council
held on Tuesday 19th November 2019, 7.30 pm, Broomfield Village Hall

Present: Cllr Paul Trolley (Chairman), Cllr Richard Coate, Cllr Alicia Aras, Cllr Stephen Hughes, Cllr Stephen Tierney, District Cllr Alan Bradford, Alex Meletiou (AONB) + 6 members of the public.
(Minutes taken by the Chair)

1. Apologies for absence:
Peter Hall (Clerk), County Cllr Bill Revans.

2. Declaration of members’ interests:
Cllr Richard Coate declared an interest as landowner in the planning application on Owls Hill Barn.

3. Public comments on agenda items:

4. Approval of Minutes:
The minutes from the meeting on 10th September, 2019 had been previously circulated and were approved and signed by the Chairman.

5. Matters arising from the Minutes:
• Although highways were again looking at the Rooks Castle flooding, the problem was not yet solved.
• There remained a fallen branch across the footpath on Broomfield hill Common. After discussion it was felt no need to do more.
• 4 year plan. No new ideas put forward. The PC must ensure that the money is not taken back.
• National Trust parking. Cllr Coate commented on the bad parking at Halloween, but on the whole the parking situation has improved. There is little the National Trust can do during the winter months. Chairman to continue to liaise with N.T. and will obtain a list of forthcoming events.

6. Highways:
A parishioner had written about the continuing problem. Chairman has emailed Highways to arrange a meeting.
Gritting – Highways to do main road Bridgwater to Bishops Lydeard and have already left dumpy bags of salt at some road junctions. Requested 2 more at Lodes Lane junction and top of Avenue.

7. Broadband:
Chair reported communication with Connecting Devon and Somerset, and with Michael Kingscote.
However due to Gigaclear losing contract little is happening. Cllr Hughes noted consultation at
present and urged all to comment on line.

8. V.E. Day Celebrtions:
These are to take place on weekend of 8th May 2020. Suggested that councils follow a programme to
include a bugler. At present not clear what District or County are doing. The parish needs to register
which Cllr Hughes will do and agreed discuss at the next meeting when hopefully we have more information.

9. Memorial Bench:
Agree that Edwin White will procure and install the bench and he will pass the invoice to P.C. for
reimbursement. The White family will pay for and fit appropriate plaque.

10. Planning applications:
Noted stable block approved at Arch Barn.
Application for emergency services telecom mast on Owls Hill Barn.
(At this point Cllr Coate vacated the meeting due to personal interest)
Chair reported that he had contacted Mono Consultants to find out if solely for emergency use but had not received a response. Cllr Hughes had also tried to make contact with no response.

A parishioner had emailed to ask for information about the mast, some of which was available on the planning application.

Mr Meletiou spoke as AONB planning representative. His brief is to comment on the amenity. He stated that he was not happy with the chosen site or the reasons for rejecting other sites.

Chairman advised that the parish council need to provide a response by 29th November and therefore needed to make a decision at this meeting. A vote was taken:
Opposed – Cllr Aras, Cllr Hughes
In favour – Cllr Tierney, Cllr Trolley
The Chairman declined to use his casting vote and therefore a “no comment” response will be submitted.

(At this point Cllr Coate was invited back to the meeting)

11. Finance:
The Clerk had circulated the 2020/21 draft budget and precept. The £175 donation annually was
queried, but the budget was agreed.

12. Village Hall:
Cllr Aras apologised for the state of the field due to erection of marque for Mr Honeyball’s funeral.

13. Parish Clerk Vacancy:
Chairman reported on the interviews he and the Clerk had held with the two applicants for the post: Advised both appeared quite suitable but felt one candidate was better equipped to fill the post. Agreed she should be offered the position.

14. Urgent Matters to Report:
• The Chairman reminded the P.C. that the Clerk has given 13 years to the P.C. and should be thanked.
• Chairman reported email from a parishioner about trees leaning across the road from the Common over telecom lines. It was agreed that Cllr Aras would contact Sedgemoor. James Presley is the contact.
• Cllr Coate noted that burglaries were still happening in the vicinity; latest at Rooks Castle.
• Cllr Coate warned about confidential material in recycling. He had found mail on road which he suspected had fallen out of the recycling lorry.

15. Public Forum:
Edwin White reported on low branches at both Commons which had damaged his vehicle’s wing mirrors. Chair agreed to look into this matter.

16. Items for next meeting:
VE Day

17. Date of Next Meeting:
Tuesday 25th February 2020