17 April 18

Minutes of a Meeting of Broomfield Parish Council
held on Tuesday 17th April 2018, 7.30 pm, Broomfield Village Hall

Present: Cllr Duncan Henderson (Chairman), Cllr Rebecca MacDonagh, Cllr Paul Trolley, Cllr Richard Coate, District Cllr Anne Fraser, County Cllr Bill Revans, Peter Hall (Clerk), 5 members of the public.

1) Apologies for absence:

2) Declaration of members’ interests:

3) Public comments on agenda items:

4) Approval of Minutes:
The minutes from the meeting on 27th February had been previously circulated and were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

5) Matters arising from the Minutes:
• Cllr MacDonagh will again follow up holding a community health check event in Broomfield.
• The Chairman had had a useful meeting with Stuart Riggs from the National Trust and was hopeful that the RLT2 funds could be used for play facilities at Fyne Court. He agreed to follow up.
• The Clerk had submitted the forms necessary to change the bank account signatories but the bank had not recognised Cllr Henderson’s signature. He now needs to visit the local branch.
• Councillors agreed to hold an informal meeting to discuss ideas for using PC surplus funds. The Clerk would provide Councillors with guidance on what the funds could be used for. It was agreed in principle to donate £250 to the Musgrove scanner appeal.

6) Broomfield Common Management Plan:
Cllr Trolley informed the meeting that he had researched Broomfield Common on foot and examined old tithe maps and produced a report with proposals on how the Common could be managed in the future.

Voluntary local labour would be required and grants may be available through the AONB. The next step would be to forward the report to the County and District Councils for their agreement and advice. The Clerk agreed to action.

There was some discussion on a possible consultation on Rights of Way and whether this was to so with the Somerset Local Access Forum. The website address for this is http://www.somerset.gov.uk/get-involved/community/somerset-local-access-forum/

Cllr Fraser suggested EDF funding could be available through the Somerset Community Foundation.

7) Highways Maintenance:
Cllr Coate reported a pothole at the end of his drive was causing damage to vehicles. Cllr Trolley stated that he had sent a list of potholes to Somerset Highways in December and some had since been repaired. Damage should be reclaimable if the pothole had previously been reported. However claims could not be made if the damage was caused by ruts at the edge of the road. Cllr Revans stated that SCC had been given extra money from government for highway repairs.

Cllr Trolley proposed to take up Highways offer to supply stone for self help. Volunteers would be needed and money from the Community Infrastructure Levy could be used if necessary. Signs would be needed if work when work was being carried out. The worst section was from the Oggshole turning to the Avenue.

8) Great British Clean-Up:
Cllr Trolley reported that the clean up had been successful with many bags of rubbish and other junk collected. There was some discussion regarding the difference between fly tipping and littering and how the latter could be reported. Cllr Revans agreed to investigate.

9) Planning Applications since last meeting:
– 10/18/00001 Erection of a first floor extension to North elevation, erection of a second floor extension to East elevation, erection of a two storey extension to South elevation, on site of existing (to be demolished) and alterations to existing entrance and gate at Westleigh Manor – supported by BPC, permission granted by SDC.
– 10/18/00002 Retrospective application for the change of use and conversion of commercial storage space to provide ancillary worker’s accommodation at the Travellers Rest – supported by BPC, permission granted by SDC.
– 10/18/00003 Application for the Prior Approval of the proposed change of use and conversion of an agricultural building to be used as a retail/commercial unit at Westleigh Farm – withdrawn.
– 10/18/00004 Change of use of land from agricultural to commercial to create a dog exercise area on land to the north of Park End Road – objected to by BPC, awaiting decision by SDC. Cllr Fraser offered to represent the Council position at the Planning Committee if required.

10) Finance:
The Clerk read through the accounts for 2017/18 and these were approved and will be placed on the website.

It was agreed to appoint Mr. Alex McCallum as internal auditor.

11) Data Protection Regulations:
The Clerk reported that the new GDPR regulation come into force on 25th May and this would mean that he would have to delete his existing contact list of parishioners. An email would be sent out asking them to re-register via the website.

12) Indian Food Night:
The Chairman reported that the Indian food night had been successful and over 100 people had attended the Thai and Indian nights. Both had covered their costs.

13) Urgent Matters to Report:
The Clerk informed the committee that the Village Agent covering Broomfield (Alison Hoare) had left her post as the lottery funding her post had come to an end. The Community Council for Somerset is working to find alternative funding for the post.

14) Public Forum:
Mr. Michael Kingscote informed the Council that his company (Outposts Ltd) had applied for planning permission for six semi-permanent modular structures to replace the existing twelve 10 man tents. The AONB had been consulted and he would be taking on additional staff in the summer as a result of expansion of the business.

15) Items for next meeting:
As per actions above.

16) Date of Next Meeting:
Tuesday 1st May (annual meeting)
Tuesday 19th June