16 May 17 (annual)

Minutes of Broomfield Parish Council Annual Meeting held on
16th May 2017 at 7.30 pm in Broomfield Village Hall

Present: Cllrs Duncan Henderson, Paul Trolley, Rebecca MacDonagh, District Cllr Anne Fraser, District & County Cllr Bill Revans, Peter Hall (Clerk), nine members of the public.

1) Apologies for absence: Cllr John Ogle

2) To elect the Chair: Cllr MacDonagh proposed Cllr Henderson as Chairman, Cllr Trolley seconded this and all agreed. Cllr Henderson signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

3) To elect the Vice-Chair: Cllr MacDonagh proposed that Cllr Trolley took this position and Cllr Henderson seconded this, all agreed.

4) To make the following appointments:
The following were agreed:
• Parish Path Liaison Officer – Paul Trolley
• Village Hall representative – Duncan Henderson
• Parish Cluster representative – Duncan Henderson
• AONB representative – Rebecca MacDonagh

5) To agree the Annual Governance Statement:
This was read out by the Chairman, agreed and signed.

6) To agree the Accounting Statements for 2016/17:
The accounts were summarised by the Clerk, the accounting statements agreed and signed by the Chairman.

7) Finance:
• The following payment was approved
o AON Insurance – it was agreed to take advantage of the 5% discount on offer for a 3 year commitment – £295.62

8) Date of next meeting: the next full Parish Council meeting will be held on Tuesday 13th June 2017. This is a change to allow councillors to attend the SW Sedgemoor Cluster meeting on 20th June.