16 April 19

Minutes of a Meeting of Broomfield Parish Council
held on Tuesday 16th April 2019, 7.30 pm, Broomfield Village Hall

Present: Cllr Duncan Henderson (Chairman), Cllr Rebecca MacDonagh, Cllr Paul Trolley, Cllr Richard Coate, District Cllr Anne Fraser, County Cllr Bill Revans, Peter Hall (Clerk), Bill Jenman (AONB Service), 5 members of the public.

1) Apologies for absence:

2) Declaration of members’ interests:

3) Public comments on agenda items:

4) Approval of Minutes:
The minutes from the meeting on 26th February 2019 had been previously circulated and were approved and signed by the Chairman.

5) Matters arising from the Minutes:
• Cllr MacDonagh stated that there had been no progress on finalising a date for a community health check event and proposed the subject was put in abeyance.
• The Chairman stated that investigations into the aircraft crash on Buncombe Hill were ongoing. This led to a discussion on how historical events and documents could be captured for posterity. Suggestions included the hanging of maps in the Village Hall and documents being held in the County Archive.
• Somerset Wood – the Clerk was still attempting to clarify the request for financial support from Cheddon PC.

6) Broomfield Common management plan:
Bill Jenman from the AONB Service gave an update on the production of a management plan for the Common. He had met with Sam Negus from the Forestry Commission and Peter Grainger (SDC Ecologist). There was a balance to be struck between proactive clearance and waiting for Ash dieback. A suggestion of poisoning Laurel stumps would have to be considered carefully in view of the watercourse through the common. It was also noted that the boundary of the common would have to be blocked in some way to prevent vehicle access. It was pointed out that the Parish Council would have to take on safety inspections after 5 years and the insurance cover reviewed. The next steps are to finalise the plan in May, publicise it and then apply for a felling licence.

7) Highways update:
Cllr Trolley reported that Highways have carried out some work at the top of Lodes Lane and that various yellow and white markings had been made in preparation for further repairs during the summer. The flooding on the Rooks Castle road had still not been resolved.

8) Rights of Way update:
A parishioner had attempted to report a vehicle on a restricted byway to the police but no crime reference had been obtained as there was no other witness to the incident.

9) Planning applications since last meeting:
– 10/18/00015 – Erection of building for use as dog grooming facility and spa at Ivyton Farm – permission granted by SDC
– 10/19/00001 – Display of 2 threshold signs on land south of Fyne Court – permission granted by SDC
– 10/19/00002 – Erection of first floor extension at Valley Farm – permission granted by SDC
– 10/19/00003 – Change of roof tiles from double romans to slate at Owls Barton – following discussion it was agreed that the PC would make no observations on this application.

10) Finance:
• The Clerk presented the accounts for 2018/19 which were approved.
• It was agreed to appoint Mr. Alex McCallum as internal auditor and apply for an exemption from external audit.
• The following payment was agreed:
o Somerset Cut Flower Garden – £25

11) Annual meetings:
The Clerk stated that the Annual meeting of the Parish Council would take place on 14th May and this would be the first meeting of the new Council following the election (Note: since rearranged to 7th May. The Annual Parish meeting would be chaired by Duncan Henderson and take place on 14th May.

12) Urgent Matters to Report:
– The Chairman reported that there had been no progress in obtaining a date for the provision of superfast broadband to the Parish and a letter from Kerry Denton of Connecting Devon & Somerset had added no clarity. A parishioner reported that he had been investigating the possibility of a community fibre partnership scheme and was awaiting a response from BT.
– The Chairman proposed a vote of thanks to District Cllr Anne Fraser who was retiring at the election and had been hugely supportive of the PC over the past view years. He presented her with a bouquet of flowers as a token of thanks.

13) Public Forum:
There were no further comments from the public.

14) Items for next meeting:
As per actions above.

15) Date of Next Meetings:
Tuesday 7th May (annual PC meeting)
Tuesday 14th May (annual Parish meeting)
Tuesday 4th June