13 June 17

Minutes of a Meeting of Broomfield Parish Council
held on Tuesday 13th June 2017, 7.30 pm, Broomfield Village Hall

Present: Cllr Duncan Henderson (Chairman), Cllr Rebecca MacDonagh, Cllr Paul Trolley, Cllr John Ogle, District Cllr Anne Fraser, Peter Hall (Clerk), 1 member of the public.

1) Apologies for absence:

2) Co-option of Parish Councillor:
Cllr Henderson proposed that Mr. Jamie Bachelor be co-opted on to the Council to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Robert Sharpe. This was seconded by Cllr. Trolley and unanimously agreed. Mr. Bachelor signed a declaration of acceptance of office and joined the committee.

3) Declaration of members’ interests:

4) Public comments on agenda items:

5) Approval of Minutes:
The minutes from the meeting on 11th April and the annual meeting on 16th May had been previously circulated and were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

6) Matters arising from the Minutes:
• Cllr MacDonagh was continuing to investigate the possibility of holding a community health check event in Broomfield and requested that the Clerk forward the previous correspondence.
• The Chairman had heard nothing from Nigel Garnsworthy (National Trust) regarding use of the RLT2 Play Area funds and would contact him for an update.

7) Highways Maintenance:
Cllr Trolley reported that Somerset Highways had offered to place another load of material to fill in holes in the verges between Volis Hill and the Avenue, but had not provided a date. Highways had also stated that the AONB Service might object to the use of planings and scalpings would more than double the cost. Cllr Trolley had been invited to attend a meeting with the AONB Service but again no date had been communicated. Furthermore he had ascertained that the Parish would need a licence from the Environment Agency to fill in holes if it were to directly undertake this work.

There followed a discussion regarding the health and safety consequences on not filling in the deepest ruts. Cllr Trolley agreed to take photographs and forward correspondence to the Chairman who would write to County Cllr Bill Revans and request support.

8) Request to use Broomfield Common:
The Chairman reported that 121 Turnaround had been working on Broomfield Common but that it was not clear what they had been doing. He agreed to request an update from them.

He also agreed to finalise the licence agreement with 121 Turnaround and the AONB Service. The Clerk would then forward it to Sedgemoor DC Legal Department for their agreement.

9) Unauthorised use of Vehicles on Restricted Byways:
Cllr Ogle stated that he had witnessed several incidents of 4×4 and trail bikes on the Restricted Byways between the Old Vicarage and Rosehill/Lodes Lane. He had noted one registration number but was unclear on how it should be reported. The Chairman had attempted to contact PCSO Georgina Long to no avail. The Broomfield website has guidance to phone 101 or report incidents online. A crime reference number should be obtained.

It was suggested that the issue be raised at the next Cluster meeting and also at the next Quantock Hills Joint Advisory Committee meeting. The Clerk would forward the agenda to Cllr MacDonagh when it became available.

Cllr Trolley (as PPLO) would also check if any ‘no unauthorised vehicle’ signage was missing from the restricted byways in the Parish.

10) Finance:
• The committee agreed that the Clerks salary should be increased from £87.17 to £88.73/month from 1 April as agreed by the SLCC/NACL.
• It was agreed that Cllr Trolley and Cllr MacDonagh should be added as cheque signatories. Clerk to action.
• The following payments were agreed:
o Broomfield PCC – Grant £200.00
o Broomfield Village Hall – Grass cutting in car park £260.00
o Ann Manders – PAYE admin £25.00

11) Village Hall:
The Chairman reported that he had attended the recent AGM of the Village Hall committee. There was to be no increase in hire charges. It was agreed that he should continue to press for zero hire charges for community events.

12) Cluster Meeting:
It was agreed that Cllrs Henderson, Trolley and MacDonagh would attend the SW Clust meeting on 20th June.

13) Urgent Matters to Report:
The Chairman stated that he was trying to organise a Thai food evening for the Village on 1 July and may ask the Parish Council to subsidise this up to a maximum of £150. Post meeting note – this date clashes with an event in Kingston and will be postponed until later in the year.

There is to be a ‘Ride and Stride’ event between the four churches on 9th September and volunteers are needed to man the churches.

14) Public Forum:
No members of the public were present.

15) Items for Next meeting:
As per actions above.

16) Date of Next Meeting:
Tuesday 19th September 2017