Next Parish Council Meeting


I hereby give notice of a Meeting of Broomfield Parish Council, to be held on Tuesday 19th September 2017, 7.30 pm, Broomfield Village Hall.
Peter Hall
Clerk to the Council
Higher Ruggin House, West Buckland, Wellington, TA21 9LL
01823 421675

1) Apologies for absence
2) Declaration of members’ interests
3) Public comments on agenda items
4) Approval of the minutes of the meetings on 13th June 2017
5) Matters arising from the Minutes
6) Highways maintenance
7) Access to Broomfield Hill Common
8) West Monkton and Cheddon Fitzpaine Neighbourhood Development Plan
9) SW Cluster meeting report
10) Village Hall Committee report
11) Urgent matters to report
12) Public forum
13) Items for next meeting
14) Date of next meeting


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