Mar 2019 Update

At the meeting of Broomfield Parish Council on 26 February 2019 Bill Jenman (Landscape Partnership Development Officer at the AONB Service) gave a presentation following his survey of Broomfield Common (see minutes here)

His notes may be found here along with a map here.

The map is a rough guide – it shows the approximate extent of the surviving glade and of the windblow areas identified. The numbers are areas in hectares. (1 ha = 2.5 acres, approx).

It also shows a rough plan of how these could be expanded by additional felling to create viable areas for enrichment planting (ie made big enough to allow enough light in to allow the saplings to get away). Bill tried to make the replanting areas 0.25ha (~.5 acre) or so as a minimum but note these are drawn as a indicative desk exercise not from field survey.

He has also (very) indicatively shown the potential glade restoration – with irregular edges and a few specimen trees retained.

He aims to have a draft management plan ready for the next Parish Council meeting on 16 April 2019. This will be made available for public comment.