2019 Draft Management Plan

Broomfield Parish Council has been working with Bill Jenman, the Landscape Partnership Development Officer for the Quantock Hills AONB Service to put together a Management Plan for Broomfield Common. This will involve carrying out works over a 5 year term with the Landscape Partnership Scheme, financed by the Heritage Lottery Fund and hopefully engaging with local communities through volunteers carrying out some of the works.

The proposals may be viewed by clicking here and for a map here

The plan identifies the areas selected by Bill Jenman and which have been approved in principal by both the Forestry Commission and Sedgemoor District Council’s District Ecologist.

The Common has been unmanaged for many years with the result that the predominantly closed canopy of mainly Ash trees is shading out much of the woodland floor.  Initial surveys showed that this has been detrimental to both lichens and some of the non-shade-loving plants.

Mr Jenman has also identified the existence of Ash Die Back in the woodland which has the potential to devastate up to 90% of the Ash trees in coming years.

The Management Plan will enable us to include a more mixed planting scheme to help maintain this wonderful part of the parish for future generations.

It is emphasised that because the area is ‘common land’ it cannot be fenced to prevent unauthorised access.  However, the plan is to remove roadside trees in such a way that vehicles will not be able to enter illegally.

If you would like further information please either phone or email our chairperson, Paul Trolley, who will be happy to speak to you:

email: paul@broomfieldparish.org   or  tel: 01823 451312.