2012 Management Policy

Management Policy – 4 September 2012

Broomfield Parish Council intends to follow the guidelines contained in Appendix 2 with the primary aim of preserving the Commons as a haven for wildlife and a place of peace and quiet for visitors on foot.

The guidelines state that non-intervention management, i.e. choosing not to undertake any management work in all or part of a woodland, is an acceptable form of management for wildlife.

In collaboration with the AONB Service some environmental enhancement projects may be undertaken, such as the installation of bird or bat boxes.

The Parish Council will continue to fund the cutting of paths on the Commons, to allow access to walkers and horse riders. It will also ensure that rights of way are kept clear. In the event that fallen trees are blocking rights of way or in danger of doing so, then local residents who help with the clearance of such trees will be allowed to take the wood away for their private use, in exchange for their help.

Whilst it may be desirable to reduce the amount of bracken on Broomfield Hill Common, no funding currently exists for this.

The Parish Council does not encourage Parishioners to take up Commoners’ rights and it should also be noted that these do not include the collection of fallen wood or the right to take a vehicle onto the Common Lands.